Welcome to Mars

Welcome to the official site of electric violinist, composer, and music producer Markūs Mars.

Explore Audible Peace for transformative, sound-guided meditations fostering tranquility and mindfulness.

Immerse yourself in Psychedelic Symphonies composed in a live audience setting using a 5-string electric violin, cajon, and telescopic didgeridoo.

Markūs Mars is a pioneering multi-instrumentalist dedicated to mental health and social justice. Dive into a world where music, mindfulness, and advocacy harmoniously intertwine, offering a unique, enriching, often multidimensional experience.


Choice Awareness Zoom Session

 — (HST, UTC-10) — (HST, UTC-10)


Our weekly Choice Awareness Zoom sessions start with a brief meditation, followed by an open discussion on the month's topic. We share our thoughts and reflect on each other's contributions, aiming to co-create greater choice awareness in our daily lives. By exchanging diverse viewpoints, we promote fairness through awareness and understanding, enhancing our sense of interbeing.

The Zoom link is available to all Patreon subscribers (free and paid) at www.patreon.com/markusmars.

The journey begins as soon as I close my eyes and create the first sound out of thin air. Paths unfold, ready to be explored with curiosity as my guide.”

— Markus Mars (they/them)